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The conditions for eligibility for support from the Gunma Film Commission are set forth as follows.


Eligibility for Support
How We Support You
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Eligibility for Support

Projects must meet all of the following requirements to be considered eligible for support:

  • Projects must comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and ordinances.
  • Projects must comply with all rules and conditions for shooting set forth by facility administrators.
  • Projects must not be intended for particular religious or political activity.
  • Adequate consideration for the local community must be exercised, and care must be taken to send out advance notice to residents and implement any measures necessary to avoid disrupting daily life.
  • A written proposal must be submitted in advance of shooting.
  • The Commission must be contacted about the results of inquiries.
  • The producer agrees to assume responsibility for any and all fees incurred in relation to shooting. Furthermore, the producer shall promptly take responsibility in the event that any damages occur to facilities/goods/articles/etc.
  • A filming schedule must be discussed with the Commission and submitted well in advance of shooting.
  • In the case of changes or cancellations in the filming schedule, the producer must assume responsibility and contact the necessary parties.
  • After shooting is finished, sets and facilities must be restored to their original condition and cleaned.
  • The Gunma Film Commission must be allowed to photograph production for use in location promotion.
  • Projects must cooperate with the Commission’s promotional efforts.
  • The Gunma Film Commission shall not be liable for any damages incurred by producers or third parties arising from shooting.

How We Support You

The Gunma Film Commission is here to answer your questions about filming in Gunma Prefecture. Working in tandem with municipal governments and regional film commissions in Gunma, we support filmmakers at every step of the way.

  1. Location Consultation
    We handle inquiries related to shooting film in Gunma via phone, email, and the contact form on our website. Please send us a plan for your work, an overview of what kind of location(s) you’re looking for, and any other relevant documents. These documents are necessary for us to help find the right location for you, so please include as much detail as possible. We can also offer assistance searching for shooting locations other than those listed on our website. Please inquire for more information.
  2. Location Search
    We work with municipal governments and regional film commissions in Gunma Prefecture to connect you with the location you need. ※In some cases, there may be usage fees associated with shooting at certain locations. Please make sure to check with the relevant facility administrators in advance of filming.
  3. Location Inspection
    We can provide in-person accompaniment for location scouting upon request.
  4. Decide on Location
    When you have decided on your filming location, please submit a “Location Filming Application Form.”
  5. Filming
    We can be present on set during shooting as necessary. As part of our promotional efforts, we may take photographs or video of your production. We appreciate your understanding.
  6. Post-Filming
    Please submit a “Location Filming Economic Impact Questionnaire” within one week of finishing shooting. Please acknowledge the Gunma Film Commission in the credits of your work. We ask that you provide us with posters, merchandise, etc. for your work if at all possible.

Contact Us

Gunma Film Commission
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Department of Industrial Economic Affairs
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